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From beginning to end it’s been a huge example of Rob’s expertise and experience, taking me from such an unhealthy situation to where I am now.

Using his vast array of knowledge in diet, exercise physiology, body composition and how to get the absolute best out of the human body.

I had full trust in him and his ways and I now feel a million times healthier.

A life-changing experience I’ll never forget.



Rob’s approach to ‘Keep It Simple’ is perhaps one of the easiest concepts to verbalise, yet one of the hardest principles to maintain, especially if you’re seeking optimal performance in all you do.

Rob leads by example and the simplicity of his inherent nature effectively drives you on the path to positive transformation of mind, body, and spirit; re-balancing life as you know it.



We achieved the “against all odds” package deal of fitness.

Even though I was struggling to lock in good food, sleep schedules, injuries and stress all in a combat zone, Rob has been by far the best trainer and investment I have ever made in my health.

I was shocked to see the differences I had made in the mirror.



I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Rob for helping me make this transformation possible. 

Although it is me that has done it, it was your program, advice, support, encouragement, commitment, help and hassle that has made it possible. It’s all too easy to make other things more important in life.

But after I had been working with you for a while, I started to notice that I was feeling much better in myself. I had more mobility, more stamina and more energy! 

I didn’t really notice the physical change was quite as dramatic so I was quite amazed when I saw the photos.

But what is more important than the physical changes are the life changes that you have helped me to achieve and make part of my daily routine and lifestyle.

These are life changing transformations and are what makes everything else possible.



I have trained with Rob both online and in person.

If you’re looking to get in shape, educate yourself how to build a body to be proud of and maintain a healthy lifestyle then I can’t recommend his programs enough.



I have been training with Rob for 4 years now on and off and he has Coached me in a way like no other personal trainer I’ve have had.

Keep It Simple really means keep it simple!

He has managed to keep training enjoyable for me and kept me in really good shape for the past 4 years without it taking over my life.



I was lucky enough to be able to train in paradise by a great trainer and now even greater friend Rob Morgan who is based out in Thailand, Phuket!

He taught me about training, mind-set & nutrition.

It was hard few months but with patience, hard work and perseverance I started to see the rewards of great coaching and clean eating.

We continued to work together through his online program when I got back home and I managed to maintain my shape and size.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there so I had to make a change because I wanted to change.


United Kingdom

After hitting 30 and piling on a few to many pounds I required a bit of guidance and was lucky enough to find Rob.

From the outset Rob’s enthusiasm and approach to training grew on me immediately and made my time training a lot more fun and enjoyable.

After working with Rob changes not only in my life started to change but my family as well. Our eating at home has became a lot more heathy and what seemed so difficult at first now comes so naturally.

Always available for advice or guidance, encouraging and forever motivating Rob genuinely wants to get the best of of his clients and on top of that is a top fella, which makes him approachable.

For me meeting Rob has had a real positive effect on my life!


New Zealand

If anyone has any doubts whether this guy can help them, look what he did for me in just 12 weeks with his program, diet plan and constant drive to push you towards your fitness goals.


United Kingdom

I’ve never had the discipline to to go to the gym in the past, but since following Rob’s program I’m down to almost 10% body fat & my muscle mass & strength gains have increased dramatically over the 12 weeks!


United Kingdom

I signed up as an online client and got to work specifying my goals and pattern of life for Rob. He would always seek feedback after every session and motivate me where needed.

The training app for the program was easy to use and tracking progress could not be easier.

I noticed progress in shape and strength in less than four weeks and the healthy diet had improved my energy levels and mood significantly.

At the 8 week point I had gained size and strength and at the 12 week point I had excelled my expectations.

Without Rob at KIS fitness I would never of reached these goals I set myself.


United Kingdom

Whatever your goals are, Rob will support and coach you to achieve them.

This for me was the best reset button and I am now well on my way to achieving the goals I set myself. Highly recommended!

I have learnt how to balance work, training and my social life while still hitting PBs in the gym and getting closer to my personal goals. I have seen real results as have the people around me.

The program also gives you a different perspective on life and what is important too.

The results come when you put the work in and Rob will guide you every step of the way.

Keep it simple and go for it!



Asking Rob for help and committing to his coaching program is one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

I can now wear my jeans which I bought Autumn 2015!

Not only has his program changed my body it has been very valuable for me mentally also. I know like my body more.

I am very grateful for what he’s taught me and his advice is something I’ll use for the rest of my life!


Thomas Engberts

Physiotherapist & Founder @ The Injury Fixer

There are probably a lot of cheaper alternatives than Rob. But if you want someone that understands the body, mind and what YOU need, few people will be better.

The transformations I’ve seen in his clients are simply phenomenal both from a health perspective, a looks perspective and a mental/mindset perspective.

If you want a true professional to help you out then go for Rob Morgan, he’s your man

Mark Mariani

Master Trainer

Trainers train people and coaches change people. Rob is a COACH that truly cares about his clients.

He is fully aware that to achieve lasting results that you must train the mind and body.

His holistic approach to training is simple yet effective. I cannot recommend Rob and his Keep It Simple approach enough


Integrative Wellness Coach

Having known Rob a few years now I knew that he was one of the best coaches I had ever come across. In my opinion, any coach that is serious about their profession and their own success has a coach/mentor that helps them in the times that they need support. So when I lacked some motivation and direction, I knew that Rob would be a great person to help me.

His deep sense of understanding and genuine care goes a long way to make you feel supported and well taken care of. I learnt a lot about strength training and just about myself once more. Rob helped me regain focus and set up sustainable weekly milestones to keep me moving towards my dreams.

I highly recommend his program to anyone that is ready to change their lives by learning more about themselves. Thank you Rob for not only being a great mentor but for being such a all round great man and friend.”

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