There are many things that can be confusing in the fitness industry. From knowing which style of training to follow and which diet is best for you, to deciding which training shoes or wearable device you should spend your hard-earned money on. It can be a minefield.

The sheer confusion and overwhelm involved in making such decisions can be enough to prevent many people from taking the first steps towards creating positive changes to their health and fitness.

There’s been a massive surge recently in fitness trainers appearing all over social media and our TV screens inviting us to get in shape. But how do you tell the difference between someone that can get you hot and sweaty by jumping around your living room for 30 minutes, and someone that can help you create significant changes to all areas of your life.


Have you ever been through a training session or class and had the thought that there was no clear structure to what you were doing? Like maybe the trainer was making things up as they went along.

You might have seen the trainer at your local gym, training their client with no program at hand, prescribing exercises that are in no way suitable just for the sake of inflicting the most damage. Sometimes you can literally see the cogs in their head turning as they try to think of the next exercise that might look ‘cool’.

Most fitness professionals will have started out as trainers. It’s a great way to cut your teeth, get your hands dirty and gain some experience in helping people get fit and healthy. But it’s a highly competitive industry and many new trainers try to differentiate themselves in the wrong way.

Unfortunately, social media and reality tv have created an obscure view and set many unrealistic expectations of what it takes to get in shape. We’ve been conditioned to think that unless you’re throwing up by the end of your workout or are unable to walk unassisted out of the gym, then you’re just not working hard enough.

But a good coach knows that it’s not just about training harder, but more often than not it’s about training smarter.

A trainer is someone that usually works to a specific formula. They tend to use the same tactics and set ways of achieving an outcome, then rinse and repeat.

Whether it’s using the exact same workout routine for all of their clients or advising on the same meal plan or eating approach that suits their own personal lifestyle. Some might even try convincing you to purchase whatever pill, powder or gadget they’re trying to peddle as part of their latest affiliate scheme.

A good coach will look at all areas of your lifestyle and devise a strategy that is suitable for you and where you are at the exact stage of your own fitness journey.


A trainer is someone that creates chaos and confusion. But a coach is someone that will help you sort through the chaos and confusion.

A trainer is someone that will punish you for not being able to do an exercise. But a coach is someone that will take the time to help you make every exercise a masterpiece.

A trainer will beat you down and leave you drained of energy. A coach will lift you up and give you energy.

A trainer will shout and scream at you. A coach will take the time to listen to you and give you feedback.

A trainer can often add to your problems. A coach will help you identify your problems and find a strategy to solve them.


The role of a coach is to help facilitate the journey from lots of shiny objects and distractions that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And create a systemised and individualised approach that is designed to move you in the right direction.

A coach will help you map out a path and give you clear and concise directions on how to get to your destination.

Furthermore, a great coach is someone that has the potential to positively impact not just your life, but the lives of your whole family.


Putting your health in the hands of another person is an important decision and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you find the right coach, you’ll become increasingly motivated and extremely confident that they will help you achieve your goals.

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